Thursday, July 1, 2010


7-1-10 @ 6:55am

I’m looking forward to the memories of right now…

It’s Republic Day. Not sure exactly what that entails but it’s a national holiday. I’ll find out more info for you.

My day started at 5:45am. My alarm was set for 6am but the nonstop barking of the neighbor’s dog kept me awake all night. Plus the ever so beautiful sound of roosters at sunrise woke me up early. I plan to go without the air conditioning but if that dog barks every night… I might not make it. I wish Salim were here to take him out… I kid I kid… Maybe… Mariam, you’ll be happy to hear that my day started with a jog. Too bad you, Jackie, and Tammy weren’t here to converse with.

Elijah stood watch as I exited the grounds. Left first, right at the bathtub on the side of the streeet. The Audi and Volkswagon sign let me know I was on the right track. Left at the Mensvic Grand Hotel, immediate right… I saluted those that I passed and was greeted by raised eyebrows, “ey bosseeey”, and “yesssaaahhh.” Finally, I found the restaurant that we had dinner at last night, owned by the exec dir’s wife (finally means after 15 minutes). It reminded me a little of The Music Factory in Kenya, but a little nicer.

Turn around and trace my way back. I took a longer route and passed by Dr. Brewer’s hotel. Went down the busy road passed the bar we visited last night and saw the guy that took the biggest shot I’ve ever seen. Never called white but definitely recognized as a new person in the neighborhood. Perhaps it was the baldhead, light complexion, or maroon and gold Gopher shorts.

The power went out last night. Thank you for the flashlight. Cold showers and no lotion after without the feeling of the middle of your back cracking! I love it.

KT asked before I left what I was most looking forward to. I hadn’t thought about it. Maybe it will evolve. But I know I’m looking forward to taking Salim’s advice and listening. It’s time for breakfast.

The life and times of amo…

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  1. Glad to see you're there safe and having fun bro. KT says thanks for the shoutout and let her know when you figure out what it is you're most looking forward to. We'll be following. Much love